2008 Best Concrete Artisan
Tennessee Concrete Association


Baltz and Sons Concrete was involved with this residential project through Blue Haven Pools of Memphis, TN.

This project was a lot of fun, as the homeowners gave Baltz the freedom to design and install some signature decorative sections, and encouraged him to be creative.

The end result: an exposed limestone and pea-gravel aggregate deck, supplied by Memphis Ready Mix, and two oxford-slate stamped sections that serve as canvas for some of Baltz’s signature score-work.

sanchez2The first section, a quarter-round that is the first portion of the deck you can reach from the house, has a decorative fan pattern that draws the eye to the pool, spa, and water features beyond.

The second, a circular sunning ledge, has an 8” diameter sun face with 32 meticulously hand-scored rays, and facial features hand painted and pigmented with concrete etch acids.

Finally, a third section at the front porch serves as a decorative “welcome mat,” incorporating a phrase of special meaning to the homeowners, as well as a hand-scored icon of an oak tree, a symbol of their home.