Best Concrete Artisan: High Plains Residences

Tennessee Concrete Magazine, 2011

This was a rare opportunity in which Baltz and Sons was able to construct different decorative projects within a single community, each unique in character, but all adjacent to the same common 1area. From design to implementation, this project provided an opportunity for Baltz and Sons to demonstrate a wide range of decorative techniques. This project has a little bit of everything:

  • Multiple finishing techniques: exposed aggregate, broom-finish, pattern stamping; seamless stamping; banding; cast-in-place countertop (including built-in 2trivets and cutting boards – with custom formed edges); border edge-roller (cobblestone soldier-course)
  • Decorative abrasive-blade scoring: (compass roses, sunbursts and fire-pit ornamentation)
  • Stamped icons (lizards, fossils, butterflies, sea-turtles, etc.)
  • Multiple pigmentation techniques: (integral pigments; acid etch staining, metallic acrylic concrete stains, metal-based embossing; water-based surface pigments, and enhanced sealers

Memphis Ready Mix supplied the various mixes used for these applications, including a specialty countertop mix. All the concrete was reinforced with Buckeye Ultrafiber.