Throughout the history of concrete, there are several examples of various methods to reinforce concrete — both the Egyptian and American Indian cultures are known to have reinforced mud bricks with straw; the Romans reinforced lime concrete blocks with shredded horse hair; and more recently, a French botanist, frustrated with the frequency with which his wife broke their terra cotta pots, first conceived wire mesh as a concrete reinforcement, building a wire frame within the pots as he cast them.

Today, there are a variety of fibrous reinforcements used in various concrete applications. Baltz and Sons Concrete exclusively uses Buckeye Ultra Fiber 500 in virtually everything we pour. By greatly reducing shrinkage, and controlling hydration for a better cure rate, Ultra Fiber 500, a cellulose fiber, makes a significant contribution to the structural integrity of our concrete. Because it is a micro-fiber, it is virtually invisible within the concrete, leaving no “fuzz” on the surface. And, because it is not synthetic, it does not impede, and often can actually help promote depth and richness of pigmentation, and sealer adherence in our decorative applications.