Washed concrete, or exposed aggregate concrete, is a decorative method of finishing concrete by washing away the surface of the cement paste to expose the stone within the concrete mix. A rarely used alternative method to achieve the same look is by “seeding” the surface of wet concrete with dry stone which is then tamped into the concrete and then rinsed.

The most critical factor in achieving a good wash finish is timing — this is where Baltz and Sons Concrete’s years of experience come into play. We have built a solid reputation for producing one of the most beautiful, consistently textured, and comfortable washed finishes in the area. We pioneered the method of microwash finishes in our market and strive to be trend-setting innovators. We use proprietary tools that we designed, developed and manufacture that contribute to our exclusive methods.

The actual timing of the wash depends on a variety of factors, and can range from as little as thirty minutes after placement to as much as a full day later. Typically, the wash takes place two to four hours after initial placement.