pervPervious concrete, also referred to as permeable, or porous concrete, is a specially formulated mix that creates a void structure within the final, rigid product, allowing water to flow through the concrete. This concrete is structurally suitable for driveways, patios, sidewalks, and even commercial parking lots.

This innovative “green“ concrete pavement is considered environmentally friendly for a variety of reasons:

  • Pervious concrete does not displace natural storm water, instead allowing water to flow into the sub-base material beneath the concrete, and then percolate into the soil, recharging the ground water system naturally.
  • As storm water carries pollutants through the Pervious concrete, they are filtered out before entering the ground. These pollutants are kept to manageable levels rather than concentrated as with impervious pavements, allowing natural microbial bacteria to break down the pollutants safely and naturally.
  • Pervious concrete supports adjacent landscape, even sustaining trees by allowing both water and air to flow to the root systems. This allows for naturally shaded paved areas—parking lots with trees!
  • Pervious concrete reflects UV radiation and heat, and its light color and porous structure helps maintain cooler ambient temperatures.
  • Pervious concrete maintains excellent freeze-thaw resistance. Its porous structure helps to melt surface snow and ice faster, while insulating the ground below against freezing.
  • Pervious concrete allows for better land management, reduces first-cost development expenses, is recognized by the LEED council, and is considered a BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICE.
  • Pervious concrete is a sustainable material, is not oil-based, and does not contaminate its surroundings.
  • Pervious concrete brings its project environment closer to a pre-development state.
  • While primarily a utilitarian paving material, pervious concrete can be installed as a cohesive part of an aesthetic design, and can often present a better hardscape alternative in locations where water flow and displacement is a concern.

Baltz and Sons Concrete strives to remain on the leading edge of advances in concrete design innovation, and actively trains and retools so as to embrace these new products and methods. We are proud to be one of the few contractors in greater Memphis area that are properly skilled and equipped to install pervious concrete, and would be happy to discuss its application within the specifications of your project.